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We started manufacturing pipe bending machines, hydraulic mandrels and pipe bending dies the first time in Turkey in series production in the year 2018. Our 6-20" pipe bending machines and 18", 20", 36", 40" and 48" hydraulic mandrels are successfully used in various natural gas pipelines of the state-owned pipeline operator BOTAŞ (Petroleum Pipeline transportation Co.). in Turkey. We produced and exported our first 6-24" pipe bending machine to Tunisia along with 8" and 12" mandrels and bending sets. All equipment have CE certification. We plan to manufacture some of the 16-30", 22-36", 32-42" and 36-48" pipe bending machines in the year 2019. We also rent pipe bending machines and hydraulic mandrels. We have one 4-14", two 6-20" and one modified and reconditioned CRC22-36" pipe bending machines in our fleet. We modified a standard 1978 CRC Crose PB22-36 bending machine to bend 36" 12.5 cm wall X70 pipes in the recent international TANAP (Trans-Anatolian Pipeline) Project in Turkey. We have the capability to recondition and repair old bending machines.


6-20" Pipe Bending Machine

PBM0624 Right Side View.jpeg

6-24" Pipe Bending Machine


22-36" Pipe Bending Machine


 4-14" Pipe Bending Machine


 Hydraulic Mandrels

bending die.jpg

Bending Dies

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